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The Plantworks of Las Vegas is proud of its 37 years of providing the highest quality artificial plants and flowers to an impressive and growing client list. The Plantworks is the premier artificial design/build company for commercial interior and exterior landscaping.

The Plantworks team is the most experienced team in the industry. The team is focused on supporting each project from initial conception, budgeting, design, creation and implementation. Each design is a unique work of art and innovative in design. The Plantworks is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the site of its 10,000 square foot Design and Manufacturing Center.

For the last 15 years, we have been the pioneer of Polyblend® Exterior UV Rated products, which are used on artificial exterior landscapes. Exterior Polyblend® UV Rated products ensure greater protection from the elements and longer life for artificial trees and plants. We guarantee colorfastness for 8 years.

Through years of design evolution, Plantworks with various architects and design teams have refined varieties which not only are most realistic but have the greatest impact as an architectural element. Among these are Two Tone Boxwood, Italian Cypress, Juniper, Two Tone Green Bougainvillea, Lirope Grass, Bougainvillea and Geraniums in various colors. Polyblend® components can cover Green Walls, Hedging, and Topiary Shapes and be used in combination to make Unique Plantings.

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