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You may see or hear Plantworks products described as being “fire retardant” and wonder what that means. Just as we give added UV rated protection to our artificial plants and trees against the sun’s harmful rays, we also install fire retardant to protect against another destructive element. Fire retardant acts as a type of insurance policy to protect your artificial plants, shrubs and trees against fire.

Fire retardants delay or stop fire’s damage.

Plantworks is a certified fire retardant applicator. We provide fire retardant artificial foliage for commercial landscaping projects.

Photo on the left:

Boxwood at Cafe Lago, Fire Retardant Certified for Ceaser Palace

In nature, certain types of live plants are considered fire retardant to protect homes and structures against wildfires. These plants include: Manzanita, Iris, French lavender, European olive and Verbena. Plants that are considered more of a fire hazard include: Fir, Hemlock, Japanese honeysuckle and the Blue Gum tree, among others. In geographic regions prone to dry conditions and seasonal wildfires, such as Southern California, knowing which plants to plant can be essential to the future value of your property. Smart gardeners choose natural fire retardants.

Artificial plants that have fire retardant materials have an added layer of protection not found in nature. Whether you have an artificial Manzanita or a Fir tree, your plant is equally safe regardless of species.

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Plantworks Projects Fire Retardant Certified

Plantworks completed this Atruim that showcases how real and appealing the usof artificial plants and trees can be.
Even in a naturally lit building atrium the remarkable “life-like” form and texture makes this project a winner for years to come.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were approximately 524,000 structure fires nationwide in 2006 – up 3 percent from the year before. Structure fires caused $9.6 billion in property damage.Of course, water is the best fire retardant. But when that resource is not readily available, other chemicals may prevent further damage. Fire retardants can also be coated onto the surface of the object or sprayed on it as well.In modern times, artificial Christmas trees have used fire retardants as a safeguard to protect homes, and being that they are in such close proximity to electrical lights.In the United States, mattresses are treated with fire retardant chemicals. During summer months, firefighters use fire retardants to battle wildfires, sometimes dropping them out of airplanes while combating the larger fires.


Natural woods, elements and containers.


Botanical Accents

Available in heights

6″ to 5′.

Moss Balls and Containers:

Moss Balls, Birch, Bamboo, hand peeled Curly Willow, native Manzanita, Equisetum, Salt Cedar, Wheat Grasses, the choices are endless.

Nature Wood Scrupture:

Custom Natural

Grape Vine

Natural Birch:

The use of natural birch provides unlimited applications

Height: 3′ – 15′

Caiber 1″ – 4″

The Plantworks team can be available to work directly with you. Let us develop the specification, design and installation on your project. If you click on the link below, it will provide a sampling of the products available. The Plantworks specializes in working with our clients by providing custom design and products.Our Director of Commercial Designs – Wailana Lee – can be reached at 702.795.3600Our client list is available by clicking on this link: CLIENT LIST
Martin L. DeVos
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Vice President
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Director of Commercial Designs
Plantworks Las Vegas
3930 Graphic Center Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118 – (702) 795.3600

The Plantworks has designed, specified and installed over 6,000 interior landscapes worldwide since its founding in 1977. The creation of complete interiorscapes has placed the Plantworks in a specialty within the gaming, hospitality and themed entertainment markets. The Plantworks has a full-scale production facility that manufactures custom artificial plants and trees using only the best lifelike and commercial grade foliage. The Plantworks has the capacity to take on any size project from rendering to reality.

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