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We wish you a very healthy and prosperous New Year!
The Plantworks is ready to be part of your 2010 projects as an excellent source of ideas and concepts for design, specification, and installation of your plantscape project.  Many of our clients use us to take their rendering to reality.  Our products are not in a catalog format.  Each project is custom to the creative needs of the client and uniquely created.
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GREEN RESOURCES in Artificial Plants

Interior landscape design has evolved in the 21st century. Ecologically-minded clients have become concerned with water usage and conservation, and the use of pesticides on their plants and trees. Live foliage eventually dies or fades in beauty and must be replaced, which adds to unnecessary waste. For more than 30 years, Plantworks has offered a green alternative for clients. The Plantworks has a corporate commitment to keeping its clients “green,” and we have stood behind this commitment since 1976.

Plantworks has manufactured its award-winning artificial plants and trees using domestically harvested natural wood and cane trunks. All wood comes from renewable materials, such as Bamboo. Bamboo and Curly Willow are harvested using environmentally safe methods. Manzanita Wood is harvested from national preserves with issued permits, which keep natural habitats and aid in ecology.

 Renewable resources that are available:
Curly Willow up to 30′ Caliber 1″ to 6″
Peeled Curly Willow up to 20′ Caliber 1″ to 6″
Bamboo up to 30′ Caliber 1″ to 6″
Grape vine in various shapes and sizes
Sand blasted Grape vine in various shapes and sizes
Manzanita up to 30′ various shapes and caliber
Sand blasted Manzanita up to 30′ various diameters
plantworks now plantworks now
Plantworks manufactures various types of artificial trees and plants at our 20,000-square-foot facility in Las Vegas. Artisans build handcrafted trees using low-powered equipment, in order to reduce energy consumption. Master Tree Builders utilize nearly 100% of all wood harvested with minimal waste. Plantworks is located in a city entirely supplied by hydroelectric power. Pallets, packing materials, and cardboard boxes are reused and recycled in our daily operation. Plantworks supports other environmentally friendly practices, such as “sun drying” wood – for use in tree building – in the natural desert climate surrounding Las The Plantworks span of products includes botanical accents with renewable wood such as: Birch, Curly Willow, Grapevine, and Manzanita. This wood is harvested in the Western states using environmentally safe methods. Custom built trees, plants and Bamboo are built in the USA with 50% natural materials. The use of artificial plants in interior and exterior landscaping has been long regarded as positive to the environment. The use of faux green accents reduces water consumption, not only for the end user, but in nursery production and post production that live plants demand.
The Plantworks green product line of permanent plants saves the indoor environment of wasteful water use, dangerous molds and harmful use of pesticides. Our artificial flowers, plants, and trees will retain their beauty longer than live plants.
Using artificial plants and artificial trees is also a wise business decision. Eliminating water consumption reduces costs. Permanent plants last longer than live ones, which must be replaced after they die. Artificial plants require minimal maintenance, compared to live plants. Permanent plants are an ideal green ecological decision, while adding more “green” to the client’s budget.
plantworks nowPlantworks harvests bamboo from California

plantworks now

Planet Hollywood – Westgate Tower Las Vegas

 Opened December 2009
AWARD WINNING DESIGNS “Rendering to Reality”
The Plantworks team is waiting for you call to work directly with you. Let us develop the specification, design and installation on your project. If you click on the link below, it will provide a sampling of the products available. The Plantworks specializes in working with our clients by providing custom design and very best products.702.795.3600

   Our client list is available by clicking on this link:
Martin L. DeVos
Senior Vice
Tom Lias
Wailana Lee
Director of Commercial
Plantworks Las Vegas 3930 Graphic Center Drive Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 795.3600

The Plantworks has designed, specified and installed over 6,000 interior landscapes worldwide since its founding in 1977. The creation of complete interiorscapes has placed the Plantworks in a specialty within the gaming, hospitality and themed entertainment markets. The Plantworks has a full-scale production facility that manufactures custom artificial plants and trees using only the best lifelike and commercial grade foliage. The Plantworks has the capacity to take on any size project from rendering to reality.

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