Natural habitats with artificial plants and trees

The artificial plants and trees sold and manufactured by Plantworks look as realistic as possible. So, let’s talk about creating natural habitats with artificial plants and trees.

A “habitat” is the environment in which an organism or species naturally lives or grows. It includes its physical environment, its breeding species, what that organism eats, where it sleeps, where it is born and where it eventually may die.

Habitats come in various forms across nature. For us humans, think of your circle of where you live, where your work, where you play, and where your friends and family are. Consider where you buy the groceries, where you buy the gasoline for the car, where your doctor’s office is located, and where you go to the movies on the weekend. Maybe you walked to the corner coffee shop or bought a newspaper and a candy bar along the way. Maybe you saw your son’s schoolteacher while grocery shopping and stopped to say hello. Think of that geographic circle and who and what are inside.

We can recreate natural habitats with artificial plants and trees to make the natural habitat as realistic as possible, and to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. Natural habitats with artificial plants and trees recreate these ecosystems, from the ground to the treetop to show self-sustaining life. There is so much variety possible with artificial plants and trees that the possibilities are limitless when it comes to displays. As in nature, the more variety to show, the better.

The plantscaper would not just show the artificial plant or tree. He or she would want to show the entire landscape: the ground, the surrounding plants, shrubs and other trees. Perhaps there is other greenery that is attached to these particular plants as a result, such as Spanish moss. If you took something such as the bamboo plant, how would you want this displayed in its natural habitat setting? And in what natural habitat setting? What kind of bamboo and how much bamboo? How large of a natural habitat are we talking about here?

Natural habitats — in nature without artificial plants and trees – are greatly being diminished because of population growth, deforestation and poor fire prevention, among other reasons. Harvesting in the rainforests is also another major global problem. Enjoying natural habitats with artificial plants and trees instead can allow us all to explore the beauty of these plants and how they interact with one another, without putting them in harm’s way.

Artificial plants and trees do not require water, maintenance, replacement or harvesting. They do not need to be removed from their natural habitats. Leave the real plants and trees in their real habitats. Enjoy natural habitats with artificial plants and trees in hotels, resorts, theme parks, retail establishments, office park settings or other business establishments.

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