Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are beautiful and long-lasting alternatives to real cut flowers. They last longer than the real thing and can be one way to indulge yourself or your loved one while cutting back your on your expenses. Imagine having fresh-cut flowers that look like the real thing each and every day in your home office, living room, bedroom or workplace.

For brides and her entourage, silk flowers can be cheaper than real flowers for that special bouquet – with the added bonus of locking in the wedding day for years to come. Roses in particular can be less expensive as silk flowers. Silk flowers retain their perfection throughout the day. They can be arranged days in advance without the last-minute stress that comes in planning a wedding. One trend suggests “wetting” the silk flowers with water to make them look even more real than they already are.

The technology of silk flowers has evolved so that they look like the real thing without the hassle and short lifespan of a cut floral arrangement. Silk flowers are made with the highest quality silk materials and designed by talented craftspeople and artisans. Silk flowers lock in the beauty of a table arrangement for as long as the consumer wishes. They can be rearranged at any time.

In some areas of the country, silk flowers can be a blessing during long, winter months. They add color and a taste of paradise. They will quickly pay for themselves as an investment.

Silk flowers are lighter in weight than real flowers as well; that allows for greater portability. They are unscented for those of us sensitive to particular smells and fragrances. Silk flowers do not attract pets or insects.

When redecorating a home or office, consider adding silk flowers. They are an inexpensive accessory to add color and zing to any interior environment. And if you’re in real estate, don’t forget the silk flowers, too. You’ll need an arrangement in every room to make the place seem more alive and homelike. Silk flowers look real and will last a long time during the sales process.

Silk flowers can be used in a host of arts and craft projects. Use them during the holidays in decorations or sprinkled throughout your home. Weave silk flowers into a wreath for the front door or above a fireplace.

Cleaning is easy. Simply dust or use a solution of soap and water. Silk flowers can last for decades to come.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said giving long-lasting silk flowers as gifts, rather than real flowers, is a good way to reduce waste during the holidays and at parties.

Artificial flowers can also be used for scientific purposes, along with decoration and ornament.

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