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Higher-quality, lifelike silk plants can be a welcome addition to any home or office setting. They last longer than real plants, are less expensive over time, and require no water and little to no maintenance. Many also argue that silk plants are better for the environment because they save real plants from harvesting.

Silk plants retain their aesthetic quality and full size over their lifespan. They do not require trimming or repotting. They do not whither or discolor with age. They do not lose their leaves or yellow. Silk plants do not attract bugs or pets. Silk plants are developed for use in buildings with low light level. They can be used in any environment anywhere without taking into consideration sunlight, warmth or flooring.

Silk plants are handcrafted and manufactured using the highest quality materials possible. They are an exact replica of the real thing and can be used in landscapes. They are botanically correct. Silk plants are so real-looking no one can tell they are not authentic until they touch them.

Silk plants are a great alternative for those of us busy folks on the go: business people who travel, soccer moms, young professionals, graduate students or those of us who work long hours. They are virtually maintenance free and do not need water or plant food ever. Silk plants are welcome to those in the real estate business looking to instantaneously add long-lasting life to a showcase home. Silk plants are for those of us sensitive to pollen or allergens; they have no scent. For those of us not blessed with a green thumb, silk plants can make our home or office look like we have one.

Although silk is an important material in plant-making, today’s silk plants combine silk with plastics, PVC’s and other polymers to create an ultra-realistic and lifelike look.

Silk plants were originally made of the silky fabric and were expensive but not authentic looking. Now, due to the manufacturing process and existing technology, silk plants can better replicate the plant using silk along with different materials.

Silk plant clippings are used in making wreaths and garland.

Plantworks builds any size and any type of tree or silk plant known. At our Las Vegas Design Center, we inventory more than a thousand silk plants and trees. They include such silk plants as the anthurium, one of the most authentic looking commercial silk plants offered. Or try the birds of paradise for a botanically correct silk plant surprise.

Consider this: Plantworks is headquartered in Las Vegas and its work has been showcased in prominent casinos there. Silk plants do not require sunlight – and although sunlight is aplenty in the desert, it’s lacking inside the casino. Come to Vegas, and check out the silk plants of Plantworks inside. Stop at Plantworks and buy a few silk plants, too.

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