UV rated foliage

What does “UV rated foliage” mean? If you’re buying artificial plants or trees, it means a lot to you, the consumer. You’re making an investment, and Plantworks will offer you long-term plantscaping solutions that involve UV rated foliage.

Artificial plants or trees that are UV rated foliage are treated for extra color durability that will not fade over time. This is particularly important if the plant or tree will be placed in or near sunlight, or outdoors as opposed to an indoor setting away from the sun. UV rated foliage comes with a five-year guarantee; if the plant or tree needs to be replaced or appears to fade during that time, Plantworks will replace the product for the client.

UV stands for “ultraviolet radiation,” which comes from the sun and exposes us all to its harmful rays without the proper protection in place. That’s why when we go to the beach on a sunny day, we’re likely to get a nasty sunburn. In nature, plants and trees filter out the effects of UV rays. Artificial plants and trees that are UV rated foliage have an extra layer of protection – think of a kind of sunscreen for artificial plants – to protect them from the sun stripping away their color.

In September 2007, Plantworks launched a new, complete line of UV rated exterior artificial palm trees after years of development. The line includes: Coconut Palm, 12-18 feet tall; Washingtonian Palm, 12-18 feet tall; and Sago Palm, 3-5 feet tall. (If interested in one of these palm trees, contact a sales and design representative at Plantworks.)

Plantworks is a leader in the development of exterior UV rated foliage, palm trees in particular. Our staff of experienced designers and plantscapers creates outdoor artificial trees with UV rated products. Artificial palms are made custom tailored for outdoor use. UV rated foliage and artificial flowering trees make beautiful landscapes.

UV rated foliage and artificial palms are being used in water park designs, hotel landscape designs and theme park environments. It keeps maintenance costs low and prolongs the life of the artificial plant or tree. Artificial plants and trees do not require water, fertilizer or pruning. They do not lose leaves or change color. Artificial plants or trees do not attract bugs, other pests or animals. UV rated foliage locks in the color of an artificial pant or tree over time.

Our design team can create exterior application for use anywhere.

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