The Future of Green Wall Designs



Green wall designs, as exterior elements, continue to become vital and exiting components of new and renovated building exteriors.

They are often planned in early design stages as living walls, but due to many reasons, they can be converted to practical, permanent green walls using artificial components.

In projects using exterior grade UV Rated Polyblend®, living materials’ problems of weight load, extra engineering, water use, prolonged replacements and maintenance requirements are eliminated.

One of the greatest benefits of a permanent green wall is the property achieves instant curb appeal with a grown in look.

For over 20 years, Plantworks has developed and proven this highly formulated Polymer Polyblend®’s usability in commercial applications.

Years ago, the company announced its exclusive five-year colorfast warranty. Case studies have demonstrated that the material holds its color and form beyond 10 years with very little need for maintenance or repairs.

This exciting element in our design pallet mirrors popular, natural varieties that architects and property owners desire. Boxwood, Bougainvillea Vine, English Ivy, Laurel, Juniper and Cypress are all available in Polymer Polyblend®.

The product can also be custom manufactured with inherent fire retardant for large projects.

Green walls made of artificial, UV Rated Polyblend® foliage and flowers costs less to manufacture, install and maintain than perishable plants. Overwhelmingly, the greatest feature is the color of the foliage and flowers which has an instant affect on the exterior.

In recent years, this was vital to the success of renovated facades, large commercial pool areas, recreation decks, portecocheres, valet areas, hotel entrances and roof top landscape applications.

The mechanics and engineering of using an artificial green wall is more flexible in demanding spaces, climates, lack of natural light and where cut out areas, like windows, signage and doorways, are inline.

Lightweight, powder coated and custom fabricated steel frames can be made in various sizes in a patch work design. Finished Polyblend® units can be manufactured offsite and installed as building materials by general contractors.

Sustainable and green building requirements can also be met through water savings and elimination of irrigation repairs, the need for chemical pesticides, fertilizers and replacements.

Going vertical with living plants has many upfront and long term costs which can’t always be planned for. On large applications, over growth, under growth, insect infiltrations and seasonal deterioration creates unsolvable issues.

Artificial, UV Rated Polyblend®® foliage performs like standard commercial building materials and holds its design intent with few problems after installation.

Plantworks’ National Award Winning Projects have demonstrated the use of UV Rated Polyblend® as viable, economical and very practical for all types of properties.

Green walls are here to stay and with UV Rated Polyblend®, they do.

The Plantworks team can be available to work directly with you. Let us develop the specification, design and installation on your project. If you click on the link below, it will provide a sampling of the products available. The Plantworks specializes in working with our clients by providing custom design and products.

Contact Tom Lias, he can be reached at (702) 795-3600

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