Artificial Marginatas

Enjoy the simple beauty of the artificial Marginatas Plants.
Our clients have told us over the years our artificial Marginatas Plants are one of the most “live” and “real” looking tropical plants Plantworks builds. Each Marginata is made unique, and no two are the same.
We use natural curly willow trunks harvested from California. After the trunks dry in the Las Vegas heat, our master tree builders create artificial custom trees made in the USA. Our custom artificial trees are sculpted following their own natural motion. From 4 foot to 30 foot, each plant is a work of art.
The use of commercial grade artificial foliage on the curly willow trunk adds beauty to the Marginata.
The artificial Marginatas is a favorite of both clients and designers alike. It has a clean, simple design that complements many different types of spaces with its functional design, interesting shape, and gorgeous in color. Still, with all those Marginata being sold, the Plantworks tree builders create each plant unique to itself.
The Dracaena Marginata is affordable and ideal as an apartment tree. The artificial Marginata will work in any space structure regardless of sunlight. The 6-foot artificial Marginata is perfect to use when a live plant is not practical. Live plants are prone to insects, and they require watering and maintenance. This silk beauty is great for use in buildings with low light levels. Remember, artificial plants and trees do not require sunlight or water.

Enjoy the simple beauty of the artificial Marginatas Plants.


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