Botanical Décor

Throughout history, botanical décor has made its mark as a form of expressionism, artistic craftsmanship and relevance.

Before the French Revolution, Marie-Antoinette had her Petit Trianon, the smaller garden-style chateau that was her variation of Grand Trianon. From 1776 to 1783, changes were made in the garden area. In 1780, the greenhouse was replaced by tall mountains, a large rock and a stream. A Chinese tilting ring, a Temple of Love, the Rock Pavilion, a theater, and then the Hamlet were also added. Botanical décor, in this 18th century royal building plan, were an integral part of this project. The entire project became one of the more elaborate botanical designs in royal living.

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Botanical décor continues to be important in our designing, but it does not have to be neither so elaborate nor so elitist.

Not only are plants important components to our ecosystem, our diet, our economy and our livelihood . they are and should be key ingredients to décor, both interior and exterior.

Botanical décor adds texture, depth and more color to any design scheme. It adds and enhances shading. Consider, if you will, a landscape or blueprint without plants or trees. How dull would your interiorscape or exterior project be without botanical décor? Plantworks has a variety of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees in a variety of shapes and colors to make sure every hole is filled; something will seem missing otherwise.

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Botanical décor enhances a particular design scheme. Consider, for example, a Japanese-inspired design. Do you have some artificial bamboo to complement that desired effect? Perhaps one of our custom made bonsai trees? Realistic looking artificial plants and trees working as botanical décor will further enhance your setting.

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Any design scheme or future project must include botanical décor, whether it is a simple potted flowering plant or shrub . or an entire natural habitat with artificial plants and trees. The Plantworks design team can work with any budget to reach a desired goal or desired design effect.

Don’t forget the botanical décor. It should be as integral to the design as wall paint, flooring and artwork.

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