Fake Palm Trees

So, why get a fake palm tree, as opposed to a real, live one?

For starters, real palm trees are in hot demand the world over. They are a precious commodity, particularly with the use of rattan palms in furniture making or in palm oil production.

By one estimate, 25% of the palm species are now considered threatened by extinction, with the total numbers of palm species reaching more than 2,800. Many palms live in tropical or subtropical areas and their habitats have been torn down or over-exploited. The World Conservation Union in Switzerland has targeted 224 species of palms that are endangered of extinction, 141 of which are targeted specifically to islands – 69 on Madagascar and 19 on Borneo. The international union highlights a “Palm Action Plan” for conservationists, government officials, educators and policy-makers on its Web site. The World Wildlife Fund is part of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, along with others, such as the Indonesian Palm Oil Commission, that are working to create sustainable plantations for the valuable commodity.

Second, most palm trees grow in tropical environments. Although palm trees have been known to grow as far north as Ireland, only 130 palm species of the nearly 2,800 on file grow outside tropical environments. Cold weather kills the embryo. So, having a fake palm tree allows the landscape designer to diversify his or her options, both the internal or external environment and the location without worrying about killing the tree.

Having a fake palm tree does not require water, sunlight, fertilization or high maintenance. Real palm trees can require watering twice a week, with individual moisture penetration up to 18 inches deep per tree. Fake palm trees conserve water. They last over time. They do not attract insects or rodents, and do not require pesticides or chemicals.

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Real palm trees shed their fronds naturally or drop them over time. In Broward County, Florida, pruning palm trees is against the law because it weakens the tree’s defenses against mold and fungi.

Fake palm trees do not shed fronds, do not grow mold or fungi, and do not require pruning.

Fake palm trees have many of the same properties in argument as those who use fake Christmas trees annually versus real ones. They use no water, they do not shed, they are low maintenance, and the good ones look like the real thing. Fake palm trees also help conserve natural resources.

Fake palm trees are created with the utmost high quality products and attention to detail. They look exactly like real palm trees but are good for the environment, can be added to any landscape anywhere in the world, are low maintenance, and are an investment over time. Fake palm trees will last over time and they will remain a part of the vertical silhouette of any landscape.

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