Faux Trees

Faux trees allow anyone anywhere the ability to recreate whatever type of outdoor experience they want . where ever they wish. Tropical environments can come to life in the Midwest. Bamboo gardens are alive and well in a shopping mall in Texas or California. Faux trees are low in maintenance and, some would argue, last longer and look better than the real thing.

But there’s another reason why some turn to faux trees compared to real ones – an environmental issue. Buying faux trees helps save real ones because it eliminates the need to harvest that live tree growing elsewhere and keeps the real one preserved in an outdoor setting.

Think, for example, of the controversial annual argument over a faux Christmas tree versus using a real one for decoration. Every holiday season, the media, neighbors, family members and tree sellers debate the issue. The National Christmas Tree Association presents a link on its Web site with environmentally friendly reasons why buying a real tree versus a faux tree make better sense.

However, the real tree is harvested on land to be cut down and sold. There are a number of house fires that are sparked by real trees. Real trees bring insects and allergens into the home to those who may be sensitive. Faux Christmas trees are a renewable source that require no water and are unscented. (You can always burn a scented pine candle nearby for a more lifelike quality.)

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Year round, consumers now have more and more options before them. Faux trees look and feel like the real thing without the mess of dropping leaves or branches and the constant watering.

In urban environments, faux trees can be a blessing for those who live in tight, compact living areas without the proper sunlight for real trees. Faux trees exist in any environment and do no require sunlight. Faux trees open up more gardening options for those without. There is no threat to damaging a carpet or hardwood floor. They do not grow out of shape, require pruning nor the need to transfer pots after time. Faux trees are fully “grown” and used in interior decorating; they can positively transform a living room, bedroom, office or front lobby within a matter of minutes.

Plantworks assembles faux trees up to 30 feet in length at its full-scale production facility in Las Vegas. The faux trees are made in the USA, unlike others that are made outside the country. They can be shipped and reassembled anywhere in the world for any project.

Maybe someone should have told London’s Covent Garden Market about the lifelike faux trees from Plantworks. A total of 15 neon yellow, red and blue faux trees have recently been “planted” downtown London. They’re made of metal. Londoners are split on their likeability.

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