Life-like artificial plants and trees

The artificial plants and trees sold by Plantworks are among the top quality in the country, the most lifelike artificial plants and trees that are so realistic looking no one can tell they aren’t real until they touch them. We use the best materials, the most advanced production and skilled labor, and high quality design to produce lifelike artificial plants and trees for your plantscaping and interior design needs. Consider, for example, one of our newest lifelike artificial plants and trees: the exterior artificial palm tree, launched in September 2007. This lifelike artificial tree was created after years of development and features three different versions of an exterior artificial palm tree that ranges in size from 3 feet tall (the Sago palm tree) up to 18 feet tall (the Coconut palm tree). Plantworks uses real tree bark and tree trunks in its artificial tree manufacturing to create the most lifelike artificial tree design. We have a 20,000-square-foot design center to create large, free-standing, actual size trees of lengths up to 30 feet tall. In some design projects, we’ve gone higher. We can custom design and custom tailor one-of-a-kind products to all your needs. Lifelike artificial plants include artificial bamboo – in various sizes, colors and shapes – interior artificial plants, exterior artificial plants, ficus trees, silk plants, tropical plants, birds of paradise, artful bonsai or succulents. With your design plan, Plantworks can help you achieve that goal with the use of lifelike artificial plants and trees. All interior and exterior designs need some greenery to complement those plans. Lifelike artificial plants and trees do just that . but without the hassle of constant maintenance afterward, gardening, watering, fertilization and wondering what to do or whom to call if the plants expire. Lifelike artificial plants and trees either come fully assembled and custom potted in the container, or, with the help of master tree builders, to be installed. Plantscaping is an evolving field, and Plantworks continues to stay on top of the latest technology and trends. We want to bring you, the consumer, the highest quality products and most lifelike artificial plants and trees. We have been doing so for over 30 years, and we will continue to do so. As our world becomes smaller, and more ecologically savvy, artificial plants and trees are becoming a hotter item as they require no water, no maintenance, they last longer, and they do not need to be farmed from the rainforest to be enjoyed. Lifelike artificial plants and trees allow you further enjoyment of all nature has to offer, without worrying about upkeep of these beauties or if you lack a green thumb. Enjoy them in your home, office, business or retail establishment, or elsewhere!

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