Master tree builders

Out in nature, it can take years or decades for a little tree to come to its full adult size.

At Plantworks, it takes just a few weeks, thanks to a team of five master tree builders headed by Baltazar Chavez.

In 2005, the team of master tree builders used their skills in the example of the Paragon Hotel & Casino Atrium in Louisiana, which features some of the finest artificial trees ever produced by Plantworks. They harvested 30-foot natural pine trees to create the tops of these large artificial trees. This custom silk project required the greenery to be treated with fire retardant. The trees were all dried and processed. Each top was received by a special steel pipe that was attached to the inner super structure of cast steel plates and pipes, able to support thousands of pounds of cement, wood and branches.

Overall dimensions of a finished tree ranged from 40 foot to 45 foot tall with spans of 20 foot to 38 foot in some places. On-site construction and re-assembling was needed for that project, like an elaborate jigsaw puzzle, and done on lifts and cranes at 20 to 50 foot at the site.

Our team can custom design and custom manufacture any project to meet your needs.

Master tree builders individually hand insert and hand drill each branch into the authentic trunks, which are real. Their work is not done by a machine, but by hand. Every tree they produce is individual as a result, one-of-a-kind, as they come in nature. That makes them even more lifelike and not mass produced and diminished in quality by being any less unique. Consider the master tree builder as an artisan, if you will, as their resulting product is a skilled work of art that cannot be duplicated.

Plantworks is proud of the high quality work of its master tree builders.

Baltazar Chavez brings more than a quarter century experience to the table as a master tree builder, manufacturing lifelike trees using all natural hard woods. His colleagues lend their craftsmanship to produce the most authentic looking product possible.

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