Mini Asian, Aralias, Podocarpus and Cypress trees

When selecting a custom made bonsai tree made by Plantworks, consider your choices for foliage. We offer five: Mini Asian Ficus, Aralias, Pine, Podocarpus and Cypress trees.

Everyone knows what pine trees are, what they look like (think Christmas trees) and what texture they would offer as a bonsai choice. Evergreen. Familiar. Very dark green.

Let’s take a look at the other four possible choices.

Mini Asian Ficus: The ficus plant, full size, is one of the most popular houseplants. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but is well known for its smaller size leaves and upright trunk. A “mini” version of that plant – for bonsai – has an Asian appeal to it and can be a welcome addition to such an interiorscape setting or design.

Aralias: The Aralia plant belongs to the family Araliaceae and grows in mountain woods of Asia and North America. Its leaves grow clustered at the end of branches and has a distinctive foliage shape.

Podocarpus: This plant has thick, flat, knife-life leaves and needles that are roughly 1.5 inches apiece. It is naturally a woody, long-lasting shrub that grows naturally in Africa.

Cypress trees: The cypress belongs to the plant family Cupressaceae. This plant is one of the oldest, with fossil records that date back to the Jurassic Period. Depending on the species and plant family rank, its leaves differ in shape. They can be: simple, persisting for up to 12 years, shedding with lateral shoots; spirally arranged and twisted either double ranked or quad-ranked; spreading; linear leaves; flattened leaves; or other varieties.

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For trunk choices for your custom-made bonsai tree, Plantworks offers the following: grapevine trunk, sand blasted grapevine, or Manzanita trunk. All our trunks are made with real wood.

Enjoy one of these artificial bonsai creations in your home, office, business establishment – or give as a gift. Every one is a work of art!

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