More Design Options with Artificial Plants

Live plants have limitations. They are constrained by the amount of sunlight they need, or don’t need. They grow, and designers take into consideration that a tropical plant has the potential to grow up or out and into surrounding space. Plus, designers who may want to use a particular plant may not be able to because of low ceiling height or the type of flooring underneath the plant container.

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Interiorscapers have more design options with artificial plants. They can let their creative juices run wild – because artificial plants are not real, and not beholden to maintenance or watering requirements. If a design idea seemed far-fetched before with live plants, perhaps artificial plants are the way to go.

Designers do not have to take into consideration a room’s sunlight angles when picking out the artificial plants, or how high the ceilings are and which plants will grow the fastest. Artificial plants are at full size and do not require sunlight. Artificial plants are ideal for rooms that have low ceilings or poor sunlight. In fact, if exposed to sunlight, the products sold by Plantworks have special UV rated protection to ensure greater color fastness.

Artificial plants do not require watering. They are virtually maintenance free. They last longer than real plants. Artificial plants are more cost-effective than real ones. The Plantworks design team will custom build displays and artificial trees to suit your company’s needs. We have top quality, award-winning staff and master tree builders ready to serve you and help create your paradise.

One thing is certain: Real plants will not live forever and will need to be replaced at some point. They can be horribly time-consuming to maintain, with leaves that yellow and shed, or insects that are attracted to their soil. Real plants that are not 100 percent healthy can detract from a well-crafted design plan.

To reiterate: Artificial plants are low maintenance and will never change in shape, color or size. They are not real, and so they will not attract bugs or other pests. What you see from Day One is what you will have throughout the duration. No watering is needed. No pesticides. These plants will always fully complement any design project.

Our 25,000-square-foot Las Vegas Design Center includes 15,000 square feet of showrooms and examples of more design options with artificial plants. Our manufacturing center has 30-foot-tall ceilings to enable us to handcraft our artificial trees and palm trees for use. We can disassemble the trees and ship them anywhere in the country. Reassembly is easy and will add to your design.

Give us a call or e-mail us for more information!

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