Outdoor Palm Trees

Palm trees are iconic emblems of the good life, the Hollywood lifestyle, tropical living, leaving your worries behind for a margarita, suntan, naptime by the pool, and a wardrobe consisting of sunglasses and shorts.

Any movie that features California or a tropical island far away probably features palm trees somewhere in the background. Palm trees are a part of our cultural psyche. One image of them, and we immediately begin to associate them with geography, a temperature, a personal memory or a goal in life. Perhaps no single plant or tree can install such a strong response – and such a simple design technique.

They are simple in shape, and relatively easy to install. Do not plant the palm underneath a power line, and you’ll want to be wary of planting larger palm trees against buildings that will obstruct them from their full size.

According to the Florida Urban Forestry Council, leave the palm fronds on as long as they are still green. The fronds will fall off naturally. Do not overwater a real palm tree, and apply small amounts of fertilizer frequently. Do not nail braces to the trunk that may be needed during the first year of growth; they won’t heal from the scars.

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Placed outside, outdoor palms can create that design atmosphere or cultural response in the customer immediately upon approach to the building. Unlike more conventional plantscaping, outdoor palms can be something new and different for your office, hotel or resort setting.

Artificial outdoor palms expand that option even further, especially for those businesses located outside tropical regions or those that do not naturally grow palm trees. Artificial outdoor palms can be a more economical alternative than real palm trees that require more frequent maintenance.

In September 2007, Plantworks was proud to launch a complete product line of artificial outdoor palms after years of development. The new line now includes:

. Coconut Palms with Canary leaves, from 12 to 18 feet tall
. Washingtonian Palms, 12 to 18 feet tall
. Sago Palms, 3 and 5 feet tall.

The new line has a five-year guarantee of no fade foliage and is color fast. The outdoor palms are steel reinforced and have all weather trunks. They are UV rated and are being used in water park design, hotel landscape design and theme park environments.

Plantworks uses specially engineered “polyblend” foliage for outdoor usage and high durability.

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